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Retail investors in Australia are some of the most satisfied among those we surveyed. However, even though Australian investors feel the markets are fair, retail investors are much less likely to work with financial advisers than investors in other markets. Although investors are not very confident in their ability to make investment decisions, many still find little need for professional advice.

By and large, Australian investors also think that advisory fee structures are fair. However, they have less interest in personalized products than investors in any other market included in the survey.

As in most markets, trust is the most important factor in choosing an investment adviser. However, in Australia people are trusted more than technology. A firm’s brand is also less important than the competency of its employees, and Australians rely on brand less than investors globally.

Surprisingly, given the overall level of satisfaction for their investment firms, trust is tested in times of crisis, and Australian retail investors are, on average, slightly less confident that their investment firms are prepared for another financial crisis.