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Hong Kong SAR, China

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Hong Kong is one of three markets in our survey where trust in the financial services sector is declining. Investors in Hong Kong are highly motivated by returns, and they prioritize performance over trust as a factor in choosing an adviser. Well over half of investors would also terminate an advisory relationship for underperformance.

Hong Kong investors also appear to be less pleased with their advisers, and fewer than 10% believe that advisers put client interests first. However, few investors in Hong Kong are very confident of their investment decision making, which may indicate why many prefer to invest with the help of financial advisers. Many investors are indifferent to using a robo-adviser and human advisers and in three years believe it will be more important to have technology tools to execute their own strategy rather than a human adviser.

Investors in Hong Kong also place a high value on professional credentials, ongoing professional development, and firms that adhere to a voluntary code of conduct. When selecting an investment firm, the majority of investors prefer a “Brand I can trust” over “People I can count on.”