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Singapore-based investors expect their advisers to be ethical and well-informed. Almost half of investors in Singapore “completely trust or trust” the financial services sector. Investors in Singapore tend to be significantly younger than those in many other markets. This may partially explain higher trust levels, as younger investors globally are also more trusting of financial services.

A majority of investors surveyed in Singapore work with financial advisers, and few investors in Singapore report that they are very confident in their own ability to make investment decisions.

Some investors in Singapore may question adviser competence. Their primary investment concerns are “My financial adviser making recommendations that result in losses” and “Hiring an unscrupulous financial adviser.” Trust is the most important for investors in Singapore when hiring an adviser. Communication is extremely important to investors in Singapore, and lack of communication is the primary reason they would discontinue a relationship with a financial adviser, although more than half also cite underperformance as a reason for leaving.

Investors seem to prefer technology solutions over people as a majority say in three years it will be more important to have technology tools to execute their own strategy rather than human advisers. However, when selecting an investment firm, a majority of investors are split between the importance of a “Brand I can trust” and “People I can count on.”